Magnificent. Impressive. Operating. Compelling. Attractive.
Postmodern – Neoclassical.
In simple words…
Aeton Melathron Hotel

Leaving back the Saint Elias Park and with the beautiful city of Trikala on your left side, you are facing it for the
first time. You distinguish it right away. You fall in love with it from the first glance! Imposing but also approachable.
Frugal but lordly at the same time. As it is suitable for the proud birds that it is named after!

Here, at the end of the Thessalian countryside, just before the traveler comes across the sacred rocks of Meteora
the high mountains with the exquisite flora, the dry walls and the country churches, Aeton Melathron Hotel is at the
right location.

Nothing here is improvised. Nothing left at “it is destiny”. The four levels that compose Aeton Melathron contain
ungrudgingly all these elements that rightfully range it at the “Business & Pleasure” category.

AETON MELATHRON is by no means just for spending the night. This is the place we invite you to meet and enjoy.
Because the premium accommodating is not a simple trade transaction of “give & take” for us, but it is the mere
essence of offering.

AETON MELATHRON HOTEL is under the RP Hotels “Business & Pleasure” (Roustas – Papagiannis S.A.
Hotel and Tourism Enterprises), along with the ACHILLION City Hotel at the center of the town of Trikala.